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The following coverages are available under common insurance coverages:

  • Building
  • Business Personal Property
  • Builder’s Risk
  • Business Income
  • Property of Others
  • Property in the Open


The following coverage and extensions are also included on most policies:

  • Limited Debris Removal
  • Property Off-Premise; $10,000
  • Valuable Papers And Records (other than Electronic Data); $2,500 limit
  • Preservation of Property
  • Fire Department Service Charge
  • Limited Pollution Cleanup and Removal; $10,000
  • Increased Cost of Construction
  • Newly Acquired or Constructed Property
  • Personal Affects and Property of Others; $2,500 limit


The following can be added by endorsement on most policies:

  • Monies and Securities
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Spoilage
  • Peak Season
  • Outside Signs
  • Builders Risk Renovation
  • Ordinance or Law
  • Agreed Value
  • Replacement Cost
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This is a general description and not a policy contract. Please read the actual policy documents for important details on coverages, exclusions, limits, conditions and terms. If there is any conflict between the information found on this website and the policy, the policy prevails.