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Our agents understand the needs of your business. Your business is unique and your agent can help you customize a policy to fit your business.

Additional Coverages

  • Preservation of property and debris removal
  • Water damage, liquid, powder or molten material
  • Business income
  • Extra expense
  • Pollution cleanup and removal
  • Civil authority
  • Money orders and counterfeit money
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Increased cost of construction
  • Business income from dependent properties
  • Glass expenses
  • Fire extinguisher systems recharge expenses
  • Electronic data
  • Interruption of computer systems
  • Limited coverage for fungi
  • Newly acquired or constructed property
  • Personal property off-premise
  • Limited coverage for outdoor property
  • Personal effects for your property, and property of your members, managers and employees
  • Valuable papers
  • Accounts receivable

Business Liability Coverage

  • Body injury and property damage
  • Personal injury and advertising coverage
  • Damage to property rented to you
  • Premises medical coverage

Optional Coverage

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Money and securities
  • Outdoor signs
  • Hired and non-owned autos
  • Various additional insured endorsements
  • Many more coverages available


Coverage is generally for replacement cost. The following exceptions, however, will be adjusted based on actual cash value:

  • Some select buildings
  • Property of others
  • Used or secondhand merchandise
  • Manuscripts, works of art, antiques or rare articles
  • Tenants’ improvements or betterments
  • Money and securities (face value)
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This is a general description and not a policy contract. Please read the actual policy documents for important details on coverages, exclusions, limits, conditions and terms. If there is any conflict between the information found on this website and the policy, the policy prevails.